Live Musicians in SL: Loreen Aldrin

Photography by Aurelien Linette

Morgaine: Hi, Loreen! Thank you so much for talking to me on behalf of FOCUS Magazine. It is a pleasure to have the chance to chat with you and to get to know you! First, my icebreaker to warm us up: As soon as we finish this interview, if you were to find a lottery ticket that ended up winning you $10 million—what would you do?

Loreen: Oh my! I would go spend it on my recording project. If I had that money… OK, way less than $10 million, I would have my album done within two or three weeks. The rest I would probably spend on a modest apartment and on an “electric ride.” The rest would end up given to some charities.

Morgaine: Oh! Let’s cross our fingers! I want that album!

Loreen: I want it, too. So much. The way I am working on it, though, it will still take some time I’m afraid.

Morgaine: How did you first find out about Second Life?

Loreen: I think I saw a TV program about it back in 2008. That’s when I made my first avi. She is still around, but this one is my main one.

Morgaine: What are some other things you like to do in SL — besides blessing us with your voice?

Loreen: I love to be at home and also to go to other fellow musicians’ shows. It is also a lot of fun to take pictures and to build, though I am only starting with that. Of course, meeting new people from all around the world is a lot of fun.

Morgaine: You are a singer in SL. I’ve had the chance to watch more than one of your shows, and let me say that you are an awesome singer. How did you find out that you could perform in SL? And also, what are the steps for someone else wanting to do that, too?

Loreen: Oh, thank you. Well, it is impossible to perform in SL without some real-life gear like a decent microphone; an audio interface or a mixing console; and some software. Also, it all takes some time and patience to get things running and working. The routine a musician has to do before a show takes about 10 minutes. Plus, there is also some stuff to put on the virtual stage. It is sure worth it to have a look at it before every performance. It only seems to be complicated, though, and it’s not that much trouble once you got it all set up and working. To those who would like to start and who need some advice, feel free to look me up and ask your questions. I will gladly help you out in more detail.

Morgaine: What role do you think music takes in your life?

Loreen: Good question. It used to be my biggest passion, then I let it go for two and a half years. Now it is taking its position back. I love it. Always did. It is a lot of fun to perform on stage, both live in real life or virtually live here, in SL. I love to make people feel things through sound! It is a great thing to be able to do. By their reactions, I can tell that many people enjoy listening to what I do on stage.

Morgaine: What music style moves you the most?

Loreen: I don’t know. There is so much great music in the world that I don’t care about style. There’s stuff that’s well made and stuff made more for, you know, a quick buck? And then, there’s music that is done with a lot a lot of soul. I think you can tell the difference. Between that felt music and most of the commercial pieces, I mean.

Morgaine: How would you describe yourself in just one word?

Loreen: “Alien.”

Morgaine: Why “alien”?

Loreen: ‘Cuz I am an alien! In my childhood, I thought I was one – so now I think I always knew it.

Morgaine: What is your favorite place for dancing?

Loreen: Oh, my husband and I love to crash random places using mostly keywords to find them. We go dance at the New York Jazz Club Ballroom sometimes. And casual dancing is almost always random unless we’re out listening to some other musicians playing.

Morgaine: What do you think TSFTG adds to your SL?

Loreen: I am humble. I am pretty new to this group, and I’m mostly shy. But it’s fun to read the chat. I’ve met some very nice people from there too.

Morgaine: Do you have any way that we, your fans, can get to know where you are performing?

Loreen: Of course! My group is called Loreen Aldrin’s Ear Pleasures. Please feel free to join it. My subscribe-o will be working soon. That’s for sure. And also, there is a link to my calendar in my profile.

Morgaine: Do you have any social media we can use to contact you?

Loreen: Oh yes. I have a Facebook page: And also a YouTube channel: I have not done many new videos lately. I should. Hopefully, there will be something soon.

Thank you so much, Loreen, for this time with you. Thank you for taking a break from your busy schedule to talk to me and to give us the immense pleasure of finding out about you. And sharing this with our friends both through FOCUS Magazine and in Too Sexy for This Group.