iPiccy: A Magical Mystery Tour

iPiccy, is an amazingly comprehensive graphics processing package — and it’s free!

Mel’s class this Saturday — NOON SLT at the new FOCUS Learning Center — will take you through this package, tool by tool. We will explore many that you can use today: cropping, resizing to fit SL’s upload limit, adjusting colors, balancing contrast, and alternating explosure. These are just a few of what Mel will demonstrate however. Methodically!

Mel is a natural teacher and she won’t be “skipping steps”. She’s systematic. No one will be left behind, confused. And no buzzwords, either. This class won’t be just “information”. It’s going to be an adventure in twisting and manipulating your images into things you only imagined, some delightful, others horrific, and others just bizarre.

Join the party . No reservation required.

Note: The previously announced time was in error. The correct time for this class is NOON SLT!