Invisible worlds; unheard sounds!

We think of RL as something ‘real’ and virtual reality as ‘not real but virtual’, but perhaps RL is less real than we imagine. Consider what we see. What an amazingly narrow range of the electromagnetic spectrum! Humans are ingenious creatures, so we create ‘translations’. We can’t see radar reflections, so we turn them into visible images on radar screens.

How much we miss! How little we see!” said one blind man to another!

We can’t hear radio waves, so we have developed machines called ‘radios’ to translate electromagnetic waves (called radio waves) into sounds we can actually hear. (Aside: Teenagers know that adults can’t hear the frequencies they can so they have ingeniously mastered the art of ‘cheating’ by communicating on audios frequencies they can hear, but that their teachers cannot!) A lot of animals can hear all kinds of sounds that humans cannot hear, too!

“Do you hear what I hear, said the night wind to the little lamb?

So, perhaps we shouild remember that we live in a tiny sliver of reality in “real life” and that reality is a lot larger than our narrow world called RL. Oh, by the way, if you want to be cool, compose music for bats, or draw images in infrared or ultraviolet light for the amusement and entertainment of butterflies, birds, and other critters. They might even blog about your work — or make sarcastic comments in audio ranges they know you can’t hear.