Friday: Art Events, Too!

Though music and dancing are what y’all want, don’t overlook our artistic and photographic aspects. At the FAIR Gallery adjacent to the dance floor we have four talents exhibiting their images: Rule Binder, Princess Melanie, Matt Thomson, and Taboo.

Wander around. If you haven’t been to FOCUS Artist in Residence (FAIR) in a while — or ever — it’s kinda cool!

In the Main Gallery (in the main building, by some quirk) exZo McDonnell will have a showing. Here’s a sample of exZo’s work, taken from his extensive Flickr offerings!

And best of all, the November issue of FOCUS Magazine will be available for your pleasure on Friday. Yep, the newest issue, patiently put together by Angela Thespian.

AND: For those of you in Europe, yes, there will be an event on Saturday at noon SLT. Yes, at a godly hour. More details on that soon. (We have a surprise performer on Saturday!)