For your listening and dancing pleasure!

On Saturday, March 19th. Starting at 3 pm SLT — or earlier if you want to look around. All 70 entries are up and ready for you to see now on The FOCUS Quadrangle! So look around and then party as our live entertainment cranks up. Dancing is not only permitted; it’s encouraged!

Here’s the overview! Yes, it’s BIG. And now on to the entertainment!
Jack Dryden

Jack Dryden, who lives in Clayworth, England, sings a mix of songs from older country music to pop to folk to “oldies”. Yes, including Waylon Jennings, Buffalo Springfield, Kodaline, and The Lumineers. And a lot of others, too. (Yes, you can ask for Folsom Prison Blues!). Jack is known not only for his love of music and how he connects to audiences but for his wide-ranging knowledge of music! Those who heard him at the recent FOCUS Photo Fair will tell you he’s really, really good! So get ready to listen to a lot of different styles and tempos tomorrow at 3 p.m. when the 100,000 Linden Photo Competition takes off.

Oh, all 70 entries are now up and on easels at FOCUS, so if you’d like to look at them before the show, go for it! Then tomorrow just enjoy the entertainment with scads of other photography and art lovers.