FOCUS Friday Night: Funtastic!

First, the May isssue of FOCUS Magazine will be out today (almost certainly). Second, dancing and live music will start at 6 pm SLT with our favorite Canadian, Maxmillion Kleene, to be follow at 7 pm SLT by Collin Martin, new at FOCUS. Third, tonight marks the opening of new art at our FOCUS galleries. We encourage you to take breaks from dancing and check out our Main Gallery, FAIR (FOCUS Artist In Residence), and the Exploratorium of Art.

Getting around is not difficult. It you see this gizmo, you are set. Click and teleport!

By the way, we have seen a ‘sneak preview’ of an article in this May issue of FOCUS by Angela Thespian, Editor, entitled “Art in The Metaverse”. I suspect we all see rumbles of change on the horizon. She puts them in context. More when you get your issue….

And we are not including stock photos of our two performers tonight, not because we don’t love them to death, but because we couldn’t get pictures of them driving to RL gigs, stuck in traffic, cussing up a storm. Really! We couldn’t! But they have both promised to make it to our virual world tonight.

So come on out and have some fun with a gazillion other fun folks. See you then!