FOCUS: Call for volunteers!

As a very successful team effort that keeps growing and growing, there are ever more ways in which *you* can get involved, working with nice people doing things you want to do. Some can spend an hour or two a week. Great! Others want to spend an hour or two a day. Also great! And yet others just want to be on call for ‘hey would you be interested in doing this’ occasional projects. Great too! The biggest benefit is getting to meet some awesome people — and knowing part of FOCUS’s success is something that wouldn’t have happened without *you*!

Here are some of the groups.

Most but not all of the groups that are being created now! For more information on any of these, contact Wren Carling or Angela Thespian in-world by IM or (if you prefer) by a notecard.

A volunteer meeting took place on Sunday, October 29th, and both Wren (General Manager), and Angela (Founder and CEO), described the plans for the future of FOCUS. The well-attended meeting was a stewpot of great ideas and suggestions. Too late for you to jump in? No way! This is just the beginning!

Our October 29th meeting. You don’t like meetings? No problem. Just sign up for one or more groups and no one will ever expect you to go to any. Easy, peasy!