First Friday comes but once a month!

Today, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, is the first Friday of this month: Dancing and live music will start at 6 pm SLT with our favorite Canadian, Maxmillion Kleene, to be follow at 7 pm SLT byDj Bray. Tonight will also mark the opening of new art at our FOCUS galleries. We encourage you to take breaks from dancing and check out our Main Gallery, FAIR (FOCUS AArtist In Residence), and the Exploratorium of Art.

And for those who have missed Maxmillion Kleene, who streams into SL live from Niagara Falls, Canada, tonight will be a good day to start hearing him sing. His repertoire ranges from old classics (CCR to Johnny Cash) to fun, newer hip stuff (Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Jason Mraz).

Also, the June issue of FOCUS Magazine, out today or tomorrow at the latests, promises to be interesting as Angela Thespian, among others, has been exploring art and photography outside of Second Life in other worlds (or grids). Expect a somewhat different issue than many past.