COZI: One of 70 vendors at Photo Fair!

Photographers: What better way to spend a Sunday than to browse, shop, and look around? Photo Fair is open 24/7 every day, and COZI is one shop worth a visit. If you feel so inclined, tell the owner, Greg Parker, that you heard about COZI here.

COZI is premier for fascinating home decor, club, and unusual items.  Do you need a grandfather clock?  COZI.  Do you want a full line of high-quality picture frames?  COZI.  Do you want ceiling fans, water fountains, pianos, snow, or fireplaces?  Yep, COZI.  The full lineup of over 150 items is as far away as the click of a mouse.

Once you land at Photo Fair, there is a map so you can find your way around. Or you can just wander!