Come on over and listen, y’all!

Jimmy T49 Dukes will be here Saturday at the FOCUS Quadrangle as part of the live music offered at our 100,000 Linden Photo Competition. Come for the music or come to see over 70 entries that made it past the first cut. Hey, do both! The festivities start at 6 pm SLT but no one will notice if you come on early, you know!

JimmyT49 Dukes’s talents run from guitarist to singer to songwriter. (We have no idea how talented he is at doing BBQ!). Jimmy grew up on Motown R&B and grew to love the blues, though his style includes a strong element of rock, too. He’ll be performing both original songs of his own and cover tunes, mostly on his ol’ home-built electric guitar. Some say he’s been performing for 10 years, but that’s a lie. He’s been doing it since before fire ants came to Alabama! And that’s no bull! Git on over tomorrow and hear him, y’all!

Oh and if you hadn’t heard of the 100,000 Linden Photo Competition, read up now……