Coltrane Shostakovich: Photo Fair Special!

Your blogger stumbled on a performance by “Colt” at a jazz club and was blown away. We have him here because we simply had to get him to perform at Photo Fair. Yes, he’s that good! He’s on at 6 pm SLT tonight, February 15th.

♫♫ Coltrane Shostakovich in RL is a professional composer, arranger, clarinet and saxophone performer, and music educator from a town near Chicago, USA. (Don’t look at his 1st Life pick in his profile! Ha, ha). This guy is not good, he’s really, really good!

♫♫ Later — at 9 pm SLT — we have DJ JAdmiral playing a lot of music you won’t hear elsewhere. Tunes you will recognize but not the usual stuff! Why not listen to Colt, shop or browse for a while and then listen to DJ JAdmiral?