Check out our Flickr pages, too!

As some know (and others do not) FOCUS has a ‘sister page’ where you can upload your photographs and artwork on . To get to “FOCUS Magazine (Too Sexy for this Group)” just click on Though Flickr is independent of Second Life and of FOCUS, there’s a ton of images from “our world” up there.

Even if you hate sharing, it’s fun to see what other folks have uploaded. Kinda like perving profiles. 😉

That’s the main (“splash”) page.
and here’s where it gets interesting — the uploads page!

If you decide you’d like to get on the Flickr site, contact anyone here in FOCUS who has been on the site — or check out the images and if you see a friend’s work up there, just IM them in world. Most folks are happy to show ‘new to Flickr’ folks how to get rolling.

Of course if you want, there’s always YouTube videos, too. It is NOT rocket science!