Brenna and Steve Who?

Where? Photo Fair. When? From noon to 2 pm SLT What? Phenomenal music. Why? Because you would miss out on a really great time if you skipped this! How? Just come on over. (Free admission, too!)

Starting at noon… Steve Who?

Who is Steve Who? Scottish saxophonist (both tenor and soprano saxes!), he hails from Ayrshire where he teaches music and works as a professional musician — and has since 1985. With Steve, expect anything from jazz to pop to classical to folk!

Oh, and what is Steve’s RL last name? Who knows!

This recent photograph is deceptive. It shows him at Photo Fair without his sax. Shhhhhhhh…

♫♪…..♫♪…..♫♫♪♫…. ♫♪……. ♫♪…..♫♪…..♫♫♪♫…. ♫♪

At 1 pm, Brenna!

Brenna will wow you with the versatility of her style and vocal technique. There is no singer on this grid like her; she is absolutely a must-see.

Brenna, who has been a paid stage performer since age seven, has a formal education in vocal performance. She delivers palpable, non-stop entertainment. Brenna also teaches voice lessons and has given masterclasses in performance techniques. In the high art sphere, where she specializes in Bach and Mozart, Brenna is classified as a lyric coloratura soprano. Interesting? Definitely!