A full 4 HOURS of live music at Photo Fair!

At noon today, Saturday, February 19th, we have Shady!

Shady”… who sings professionally, and who has over 20 years of experience as a performer… has won singing competitions in his region of the United Kingdom, perfecting his craft since he was in his teens! Shady is noted for the variety he brings to his art. We’re delighted to bring him to our Focus Fair stage today!

Next, at 1 pm today we bring back ever-popular fly Kugin!

Fly Kugin is not only a superb performer but is both a professional musician and music teacher in Istanbul, Turkey

Rounding out our four hours of music is two hours by the unmatched magician of music, Bsukmet Stormcrow from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Bsukmet is an original composer who exclusively plays his own compositions which are loved by all who attend his shows. He mainly uses electronic and orchestral resources, but his style is eclectic, and his method consists of using exclusively free resources available to everyone and avoiding the use of sounds created by other composers. He will be dual streaming with Fly for part of his gig so don’t miss it!Composer, piano player, band musician, and music teacher, Bsukmet creates music in styles out of anyone’s normal comfort zone, using free resources only and avoiding the use of samples (except for some sound effects or voices). Each piece is created note by note!