FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, March 2019 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

The saying that March comes “in like a lion, out like a lamb” has always seemed a straightforward enough proverb: when March starts, it’s still winter, and by the end of the month spring has begun. As I write this Editor’s Note, March is coming in like a lion in the northeast. We are expecting 18 inches of snow this weekend alone!

The proverb also seems to ring true this month at FOCUS Magazine. The March issue represents a few big experiences for us. Firstly, this issue will feature our first couples interview with Loegan and Rachel Magic. Their interview has a sweet, romantic dynamic that is a pleasure to read. We have also begun our photography classes, which will occur around the 20th of every month, led by Patrick Ireland, our new Managing Editor. Inspiring, incredible changes are afoot for us all! More and more people have been coming together to help with the FOCUS vision of combining art, friendship and celebrating both. Pleases contact me if you’d also like to participate!

Enjoy the issue!

Angela Thespian

FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, May 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

As most everyone knows, I live on the east coast of the U.S. in New York where the month of May is a very beautiful, mild month. The weather is cool but comfortable. April showers have washed away any remains of snow. Leaf buds and flower buds begin to peek out as the earth gently makes it’s yearly transformation from freezing cold hibernation to the warmth of Spring again. Sluggishly, the groggy earth awakens and then, with the surprise, and energy and happiness of a child, pastel-colored life pops-up from the wet brown earth. Cherry trees burst into blooms of pink and white. And the robin red-breasts reliably returns, true to his promise of another season of life.

Liz Winterstorm’s photography reminds me of this transition. It is surprising and subtle with a wistful wave to the graying past, an appreciation for the golden treasure of the present, and a wonderous but watchful approach to the blurry, unknown future.

This issue also features Umshlanga Barbosa. He’s become a fixture at TSFTG and FOCUS, as moderator and contest judge. He’s a unique Liverpudlian man of many surprising talents, and we learn a bit more about him in this issue.

You will notice that Mahogany’s column is missing in this issue. Her busy RL took precedence, but she will be back in the June issue. We’ve also begun a new column called “Kitten’s Korner” that you are sure to enjoy!

Angela Thespian