Store Review – Birth Skins

Focus on Stores - COZI

I heard about Birth from a friend years ago when I first came into SL. She helped me beautify my horrible noobish self and Birth skin store is where we started. It was one of the best then, and continues to be even as SL has upgraded through the years.

FOCUS Store Review - Birth

But as I promised last month, this article is focusing on the men. You will find skin appliers for the major brands of mesh heads, bodies, and system skins for those of you that haven’t made the leap to mesh.

There are 9 skintones at every vendor to find that flesh tone to match your head and body perfectly. Every body pack contains customizations for colour and thickness of body and chest hair, tone of finger and toe nails, and musculature of your body. Every head skin pack contains a customizeable shape, 4 eyebrow colours, 6 beards, and tintable hairbases that can be turned off and on.

So if you want a new look, grab a demo. I’m sure you will be quite satisfied!

– Lyda Sands

Store Review – COZI

Focus on Stores - COZI

This month I took a detour from my “New Year-New You” series to focus on a store named COZI. The store, owned by our dear friend Greg Parker, has been around for years but it’s newly located on the FOCUS Magazine home sim.

Walking in, my eyes gravitated towards a selection of old upright pianos at the left end of the building. Being a pianist and a lover of the ivories, I sat down, and let my fingers play a few bars of a rusty rendition of The Entertainer.

Near the pianos are a selection of tip jars, dance floors, speakers and DJ equipment — a priority for venue owners. As you walk through the store you will find even more unique items. There are picture frames to help display your photos and works of art, and a polished wood bar with an array of animations suitable for home and venue owners. There’s also a hot air balloon I am dying to take out for a test drive. I encourage you to stop by!

– Lyda Sands

Shopping Event Review – The Level Event, April 2019

Focus On Shopping

The Level Event is up and ready for your shopping pleasure! If you are like me, you have a habit of dressing the for season (ok, it might just be me), this event is perfectly timed to kick off Spring!

New season means new look! Hair, nails, skin and make-up to begin the season’s new you. Stunning options from Mila, Glamocracy, and Ascendant just to name a few.

I personally adore the Cindi outfit from Safira and will be giving up the 1299L for the 20 color fatpack. The color options are perfect for moving into warmer weather with an aire of sexy sophistication.

If you need something a little more risqué and eye catching, A Breakfast Convo is offering up the Eiffel Sparks Dress in 13 colors. This dress would pair perfectly with the Enviee Aremana Metallic Heels and the Nadiyah Earrings from November. Talk about cocktail party perfection!

Second Life has cursed me with a bit of a shoe addiction and Marchese is making sure that I don’t leave this event without at least one new pair! I adore everything about these shoes! The design, metallic accents, and the fact that they are only 299L!

Purses have never really been my thing, in RL or SL, but the Slow Me Down Bag from DDl is an adorable accessory and could make me a convert. At least this season.

I have always LOVED the shopping events. You can get a little taste of the latest offerings from so many different designers without having to search 20 blogs or landmarks. Though never rule out a designer based on a single event or outfit. Some of my favs took me a while to fall in love with. It’s like that guy you
are good friends with but you’re convinced he is in the friend zone, and then, BAM! You love everything about him. In SL, you might change partners as often as the season’s style, but at least with shopping you will get an amazing wardrobe and not a single hit to your reputation!

– Happy Shopping! Morri Strauss