Thomaz Blackburn’s Exhibition Opening At Gallerie di Basilique

I always say Thank You All, but believe me I mean it from the bottom of my heart! You never stop to amaze me. FOCUS is sucha beautiful group of people that are so supportive of eachother. With the tunes from Nefer and Tony Slade we enjoyed the spledid art of Thomaz Blackburn.

Our friend Recep Sparta created this great video. Thank you!

See if you can find yourself in Rachel Magic or Whiskey Apple’s photos from the Event!

Music Venue Review – The Junkyard Blues

If you love blues and want to dance under the moon and stars, give Junkyard Blues a spin. This venue, launched in 2006 is Second Life’s oldest blues club and 3-time Avi Choice winner for “Favorite Blues Venue.” It’s also “a nonprofit labor of love” owned and run by Kiff Clutterbuck and Richardina Petty. Located on a gulf coast themed estate, their friendly crew of volunteers run things with energy, style, and enthusiasm.

If you want to simply go and dance, go for it. There are usually a few folks dancing most of the time. It is nice to drop in on a Tuesday afternoon (SLT) under blue skies – which is usually a slow time for clubs – and find a good crowd of folks dancing. And tune into Junkyard Blues Radio and stream it where ever you are. They have a nice mix of Chicago, Memphis, Delta, New Orleans, and country blues.

I highly recommend you drop in after a rough RL day, pour yourself a drink, sit in an Adirondack chair, and just listen. No better way to relax!

– Doc Nolan

Music Venue Review – Wonderful Dreams

Wonderful Dreams Live Music Venue

Wonderful Dreams: Ballroom, Venue & Live Music was created by Yenna Auster & Nighty Pera, a couple from the Netherlands, “with the love and passion we feel for each other.” They have been a couple since June 20, 2015.

Since mid-2015, Wonderful Dreams has had almost a quarter of a million visitors! No matter when you visit, you will find couples dancing. There is a casual dress code except on the ballroom dance floor where formal attire is required. This is a general sim and, obviously, appropriate dress and behavior need to follow from that. Don’t miss the gardens surrounding the ballroom. This is a very romantic place to just walk, talk, or take photos. The amount of time and effort spent creating this venue is noticeable. The love shown is profoundly moving.

Live singers every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m SLT.

– Doc Nolan

MEMBERSHIP: DJ Avalon, June 2019

Membership: DJ Avalon, June 2019

Avalon has become a staple at FOCUS events. If you don’t already know and love her, she’s the voice that sweetly asks you to remember to vote, or to visit the featured photographer’s exhibit in the gallery. She’s a dear friend and super DJ. And, here, we get to know her a little bit better!

Angela: As a DJ, you know what music you like. If you could have lunch with any musician from any era, who would it be?

Avalon: We may not agree on everything, but people can come together in our love of music. As it does for most people, music speaks to me and moves me. SL has given me an opportunity to enjoy and discover music. My first love is blues, but having to choose one artist to have lunch with seems impossible. So, music is about a party, and a party it shall be! I would bring together a GROOVE of musicians and throw a party, not a lunch! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Mozart and Prince in the same room? Maybe even doing an impromptu jam session? Marilyn Manson said ““Music is the strongest form of magic.” The whole party would be MAGIC!

Angela: What do you enjoy being a DJ?

Avalon: The creativity of SL is key to why we all become so addicted! I have been a manager, hostess, owner, creator, decorator and a DJ. The ability to be creative is endless! In RL, I was a high school teacher and certainly spent many hours talking and sharing. Being a DJ in SL gives me the ability not only to share music, but to talk with people from all over the world and all walks of life. For me, the most significant aspect of being a DJ is the interaction with others. I love to get requests and dedications, and to share new music with others. I especially love being able to create a themed set for a party. DJing has been my favorite adventure in SL!

Angela: How did you learn about SL?

Avalon: I have asked so many people this question! I remember watching a C.S.I. episode in 2010. It was a re-run but it involved a murder in SL. The investigators created avatars and came in world to hunt down the murderer. I had never heard of virtual worlds before and it intrigued me, so I logged in. August 9, 2010 is my REZ day and I have been completely immersed ever since.

Angela: How did you first discover you had a talent for photography?

Avalon: I have always admired photographers in SL. I love to take pictures in RL and have several framed in my home. Taking pictures in SL is truly an art and has steep learning curve. I admire so many artists here and have only just begun my journey. I’m so grateful to those that share their secrets and ideas. The collective spirit of “I’m Too Sexy for this Group” has been refreshing. Often in SL, ventures are extremely competitive, so I appreciate the encouragement.

Angela: Do you have any favorite places to take pics or favorite windlights?

Avalon: The grid is your oyster! So many amazing places to explore,

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.” ~ Dr. Seuss

I’ve been so blessed to have people send me places they found inspiring and I have been methodically trying to see them all. This world is exploding with potential! I love to try different windlights but need to keep better track of those I use the most. I wish there was a way to write on the back of the photo the settings I used!

Angela: What inspires you in SL?

Avalon: Other people inspire me! It’s the collective imaginations that catch my breath. A world where everything that exists is built by the users is amazing. What a delight to the senses, with never ending possibilities. So, creating is a great outlet for my imagination and it so relaxing. When I get into creating, I get lost in my imagination.

Angela: And lastly, how has TSFTG (Too Sexy for this Group) affected your SL?

Avalon: I was brought to the group through my good friend, Greg. I first met Angela and Patrick when they attended a disco party I was DJing, and they quickly invited me into their world. I have since then DJed several opening parties for their gallery and attended photography classes. I have also been blessed to meet so many others in the group and love the artistic sharing that happens every day. I am so excited to learn more and grow as a photographer.

Avalon DJ’s at most of FOCUS’ events, but you can also find her around the grid and, lately, at Big Daddy’s 80’s Club. Visit her at her SocialVR site.