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Flickr Moderators: Danaorianaor Linda Hedda Hi Everyone! This is a Flickr group that complements the Second-Life group Too Sexy For This ( Group for FOCUS Magazine. It's meant to bridge the gap between SL and Flickr! Please see TSFTG Group Cover Awards Gallery.      

PHOTOGRAPHY: An Interview with Lam Erin

I've know about Lam Erin's art for about as long as I've known about photography in Second Life exists. Every once in a while, I check back to his Flickr page to marvel at the landscapes that he captures. They are consistently clear and lifelike. His use of dark, bold colors like citrine, garnet and jade is like looking at semi-precious jewels arranged on a page. Because of Lam's magical winterscapes, in appreciation for all he has done to inspire over the years, and possibly to introduce him to newer artists, we proudly present his art for December 2019!