PHOTOGRAPHY: An Interview with Sari

Sari (Sanrifa Resident) has been a member of Second Life since 2015 and a Flickr member since 2017. She is a RL artist who has a keen eye for beautiful landscapes, detail and sensuality. More, they show us how Second Life can be – and is – so beautiful!

Seline: How would you describe your style?

Sari: My style is a bit carefree, as I’m still learning with the digital editing process. Sometimes the photo tools of Firestorm are all I used in the beginning photos of my stream. I love trying to achieve detail, play of light and shadows, and it’s fun to try and depict that in a digital way, and I also think the digital art world has vastly improved my RL painting.

Seline: Do you have any favorite sims to visit for your landscapes?

Sari: I love all of Elvira Kytori sims (White Dune Estates), Neva River, Isle of May, Borneo, Bailey’s Norge to name a few.

Seline: From where would you say you draw inspiration?

Sari: I’d have to say mostly from my home as I live in a coastal area in the US. SL has inspired me on quite a few paintings I’ve done in RL also. I love the creativity the builders, creators, and landscapers bring to SL.

Seline: You have been in SL for three years this month. What brought you into SL?

Sari: Tabletop role-play that brought all this about. A close friend started talking about a role-playing community during a friendly get together.

Seline: Aside from photography what are some things you love to do while in-world?

Sari: Well when my guy is on that’s usually where I am. He’s a very close friend from my RP days, and we enjoy our time together. I am a woman… so second to that would be shopping, right?

Seline: And finally, what is one thing you would like readers to take from this about the art you create in SL?

Sari: In art, different things appeal to different people. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. But as most artists hope for, I hope it moves you, or makes you smile, or laugh, as an image that can evoke an emotional response is all any artist can hope for.

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