September 2023 – FOCUS Magazine

Welcome to the September issue of FOCUS Magazine — the FOCUS Photography Fair issue! On September 8th the FOCUS Photography Fair begins and it runs until September 22nd. In this issue, I’ve included photos of our vendors so you can get a sneak peek at their products.

Our vendors are part of the group of creators and innovators that have made virtual photography in SL what it is today. They continue to dream up new and exciting offerings to aide photographers in their creative outlet. Please come by and show your appreciation for these creators!

This issue is jam-packed with great articles. We review a few exhibitions, Hermes Kondor interviews Scylla Rhiadra and Bajoy on their upcoming “Women of Shakespeare” event. Bajoy, actress and Artistic Director of the Avilion Cameo Theater, will accompany Scylla’s artwork with theatrical readings. Later in the magazine is Part I of Hermes Kondor’s solo interview with Bajoy. She’s such an intriguing person!

In our technology article, I try to explain a bit about the PBR Revolution that will be coming to Second Life in the near future. We will need to see textures in a different way and … mirrors are finally here!

Also, Fynnyus discovers the artistry of lighting effects in virtual world music shows. He interviews Myrdin Sommer, a lighting effects specialist for Lynchland. Partee Mytili interviews the owner of UNA, clothing created for role-play. And we have some exceptional photos in our Editor’s Picks.

This is the first issue of FOCUS Magazine that requires a subscription. I’m so grateful to all of the supportive readers who are embarking on this journey with FOCUS! If you haven’t yet subscribed, there are kiosks throughout Second Life, at the FOCUS sim and the FOCUS Photography Fair. Each issue is 250L and a full-year subscription is 2500L.

As always, I hope you enjoy this issue!
Angela Thespian

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