Photo Fair: Light Show at 1 pm!

DJ Jewell will provide the ♫♪ music ♫♪♫ today (Monday) — with a special particle show by Frolic Mills, The Partycle Boy. If you’ve never seen Frolic’s range of particle effects, let’s use the word spectacular. (If you’re unfamiliar with ‘particles’, think of being enveloped in a sea of fireworks cubed!) Those who saw this show five days ago will tell you that this is more than impressive. It’s mind-blowing!

♫ ♪ DJ Matrix ♫ ♫ will take over at 2 pm SLT providing you with music for a second hour! Today’s an American holiday, so if you’re from “the States” stay and wander around and explore the booths of 70 vendors eager to show their wares. If you’re not, it’s fine, mate. You can shop too. (Wink)