Photo Fair: Dress your head!

One of the more unusual specialty vendors at the FOCUS Photo Fair is Couture Chapeau. Everyone remembers an unusual hat — and its owner — from David Suchet’s “Poirot” to Indiana Jones to Audrey Hepburn to The Blues Brothers. Right? So why not join the parade and make your avatar “unforgettable”, too?

Hey, guys! Hats, hats, and more hats! Yes, mesh — and Couture Chapeau has been around since 2006! This headwear is copy and resizeable, too, so you don’t need to get a swelled or shrunken head. Yes, Couture Chapeau carries a full line of hats for women, too. Don’t fail to click on that ugly dude’s abs (don’t worry, he’s G-rated and just a dummy).

Reminder: The Photo Fair will be ending on Friday, so don’t procrastinate. If you planned to shop and simply haven’t gotten around to it, it’s time to act.