100K Competition

Sorry! This has been cancelled for 2023! Ask Angela for more info.

If you know your category, click here to go directly to the Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/groups/100KL

Beginning on January 1st, the owners of the Sea Brook scenic sim in association with FOCUS Magazine & Galleries will conduct a “Photographic Art Challenge.” Our goal is to challenge ALL photographic artisans in SL to create and exhibit their very best art. We hope to inspire and awaken the artistic soul in all of us!

Invite your friends to participate! Share on your blog, website, Instagram, Facebook… wherever! The prizes will total more than L$100,000!

CATEGORIES – There are 7 categories: Abstract, Architecture/Décor, Black and White, Landscapes, Portraits, Sensuality (no full frontal nudity, genitals or porn), and Surrealism. The category you choose must be listed in your photo’s description field in Flickr or you photo will not be invited to the second round.

Those Pesky Rules and Stuff

  • Photos must be rated safe or moderate.
  • Photos will be submitted to http://www.flickr.com/groups/100KL with the category you choose listed in your description field. Only ONE photo per category and the photo must belong to you.
  • Post-editing is not necessary but allowed and encouraged.
  • Your photo does not have to be taken at the Sea Brook sim or FOCUS. You can take your photo anywhere and any way you like. The photo should be taken between December 1st 2022 and February 28th 2023.
  • It must be a scene from Second Life. RL pics, morphs, collages made with non-SL full stuff will not qualify.
  • If your photo is chosen as a semi-finalist, it will be invited to a new Flickr group for your category. YOU MUST WATCH FOR THIS GROUP INVITATION. 10 Winners will be chosen from each category (a total of 70 photographers).
  • There will be 3 winners from each category. Those 21 winners will go on to compete for the GRAND PRIZE.
  • The GRAND PRIZE will be awarded to the TOP 3 winners out of the semi-finalists with an award of $10,000L, $15,000L and a TOP PRIZE is $25,000L!!!
  • In addition, the TOP WINNERS will be interviewed for, and will have their own spreads in, FOCUS Gallery Magazine, as well as announcements in our various social media outlets.
  • For everyone else, random photos will be chosen as the Flickr group covers bi-weekly.
  • By submitting, you grant us permission to publish your photo in FOCUS magazine in SL and online, which will be important if you win!