Shall we explore new worlds?

This blog may soon be taking new directions — all related to photography, art, image manipulation, color, composition, and imagination, of course. Beyond that, however, in a spirit of creative innovation, we will soon be adding “musings”, insights, contentious positions, and reflection — all highly dangerous threats to placidity, comfort, and consensus. We hope you’ll stay aboard as we try this. Expect some disasters, failures, crashes, and embarrassments along the way. (What new venture ever happened without these!?)

So put on your seatbelts folks.

Friday’s Photo Contest winners: The focus: ‘The Sun’!

The sun rises over Stonehenge ©

This month’s photo contest winners will be announced during this coming Friday’s festivities, starting at 6 pm SLT, March 25th. The topic: the enormous 4.6 billion-year-old nuclear fusion ball that powers our entire solar system: The Sun. It will be interesting to see how folks interpret, view, mythologize and interpret this mysterious orb!

REMINDER: If you haven’t submitted a photo yet, you can do so anytime today, Wednesday, March 23rd, until 11:59 pm SLT. Hurry!

There will be entertainment! Grace Loudon at 6 pm SLT.

Following Grace, we will have Brenna on stage at 7 pm SLT. (You might remember her appearance during February at the FOCUS Photo Fair.

Come on over and listen, y’all!

Jimmy T49 Dukes will be here Saturday at the FOCUS Quadrangle as part of the live music offered at our 100,000 Linden Photo Competition. Come for the music or come to see over 70 entries that made it past the first cut. Hey, do both! The festivities start at 6 pm SLT but no one will notice if you come on early, you know!

JimmyT49 Dukes’s talents run from guitarist to singer to songwriter. (We have no idea how talented he is at doing BBQ!). Jimmy grew up on Motown R&B and grew to love the blues, though his style includes a strong element of rock, too. He’ll be performing both original songs of his own and cover tunes, mostly on his ol’ home-built electric guitar. Some say he’s been performing for 10 years, but that’s a lie. He’s been doing it since before fire ants came to Alabama! And that’s no bull! Git on over tomorrow and hear him, y’all!

Oh and if you hadn’t heard of the 100,000 Linden Photo Competition, read up now……

Max Kleene returns! Live entertainment this weekend.

All 70 entries are now on display in the FOCUS Quadrangle!

Live entertainers: Maxmillion Kleene, Jack Dryden, and JimmyT Dukes!

Maxmillion Kleene, who streams into SL live from Niagara Falls, Canada will sing a large selection of songs. Rock, pop, alternative solo acoustic tunes? Yes. From old classics (CCR to Johnny Cash) to fun, newer hip stuff (Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Jason Mraz). Max has a big following and when you listen to him, you will know why.

For your listening and dancing pleasure!

On Saturday, March 19th. Starting at 3 pm SLT — or earlier if you want to look around. All 70 entries are up and ready for you to see now on The FOCUS Quadrangle! So look around and then party as our live entertainment cranks up. Dancing is not only permitted; it’s encouraged!

Here’s the overview! Yes, it’s BIG. And now on to the entertainment!
Jack Dryden

Jack Dryden, who lives in Clayworth, England, sings a mix of songs from older country music to pop to folk to “oldies”. Yes, including Waylon Jennings, Buffalo Springfield, Kodaline, and The Lumineers. And a lot of others, too. (Yes, you can ask for Folsom Prison Blues!). Jack is known not only for his love of music and how he connects to audiences but for his wide-ranging knowledge of music! Those who heard him at the recent FOCUS Photo Fair will tell you he’s really, really good! So get ready to listen to a lot of different styles and tempos tomorrow at 3 p.m. when the 100,000 Linden Photo Competition takes off.

Oh, all 70 entries are now up and on easels at FOCUS, so if you’d like to look at them before the show, go for it! Then tomorrow just enjoy the entertainment with scads of other photography and art lovers.

This Saturday at 3 pm SLT!

From 800 entries, the winnowing has begun, and here are the top 10 semi-finalists in seven categories. If you recognize some names, good for you! All 70 entries will be on display this Saturday, March 19th — and of course, there will be music! Join us!

Yes, Jack Dryden and Max Kleen and JimmyT Dukes! All of them!

Our Museum of Art and Images: The Exploratorium of Art

One of the hidden — and unfortunately sometimes forgotten — gems of FOCUS is The Exploratorium of Art. It’s a quiet place where you can browse among more than 260 images created by 44 artists. They will stretch your mind and show you new universes of imagination. You also can just sit with a friend and chat quietly, surrounded by this dazzling abundance of colors and forms including landscapes, portraits, still life images, and fantasies.

First: How to get there! The easiest way is to find one of these (see below) and just touch that middle entry.

Right in the middle there!

When you land, don’t freak. You’ll emerge into a pitch-black room, but turn around and you’ll see two doors. When you walk through either of them, and — six floors of awesomeness!

These are just the top three floors!

You now have options. You can sit for a while if you’re lazy and just like cam, or you can walk around — and get close up and personal with the carefully curated images by our best creative souls.

Relax. It’s quiet and peaceful in the lounge!

And yes, every month there is more being added (the latest just today, in fact!) So take a break, get away, and take advantage of this resource.

Don’t forget our Flickr site!

With over 3,800 members, every day there are dozens of new images going up on FOCUS Magazine (Too Sexy for this Group)‘s Flickr pages. The best thing about it is that you can upload what you do in the way of photography and artistic manipulation of images!

By the way, it’s free to use and any of our officers (and many of our contributors!) will be happy to help you get started if you’re nervous about jumping in.

If you’ve never spent much time on Flickr, viewing is as easy as going to the site and just meandering about.

Noon SLT Saturday, March 5: DJ Shamrod!

They say that “everyone knows” DJ Shamrod Watanabe, but that is untrue. We have it on authority that a small group of holdouts has never listened to him. If you’re in that isolated group, it’s time to join the mainstream. (Of course, you can dance! Duh!)

What’s the occasion? Well, the March issue of FOCUS Magazine is out for one thing! And we have four new artists in the FAIR gallery and Scylla Rhiadra‘s incredible art and photography in the Main Gallery.