Thank you!

Dear Friends,
Our Fair is going to conclude for this session tonight, but I hope you agree that it was an amazing and useful event. I want to thank our vendors who hopefully have made friends as well as sales. I want to thank the staff, who have worked to help me put together this complex event, but especially Wren Carling, our Director, who has put in hours that would be illegal in real life. I want to thank the live singers, DJs, and artists who have added music and education to our event and been very kind in accommodating to changes (some last minute ones!). I want to thank others but there are just too many to name.

Jack Dryden singing at the FOCUS Photography Fair

But most of all I want to thank those of you who came to our Photo Fair, all, 5600 who came and supported this event simply by being here. It’s been proven to me yet again how FOCUS has a life of it’s own and that is because of YOU.

And now, as the Big Tent folds it’s doors… “Go out, see the world, marvel in its beauty, capture that essence of life, and live your lives to the fullest.” I will see you September for the next fair on September 9th- 25th!

Sincerely, with peace and love,
Angela Thespian