What Day is Friday?Live Music at FOCUS Day!

At 6 pm SLT, Grace Loudon — Grace, a songwriter and singer outside of SL as well as here, has a voice described as “sometimes gritty and dark and sometimes light and pretty”. She has an impressive vocal range, too — which allows her to sing across a number of genres: pop, country, soft rock, and classic rock. https://soundcloud.com/graceloudon/sets/graces-songs

At 7 pm SLT, The Vinnie Show — Vinnie and his Acoustic Rhapsody show won the 2016 Avi choice award (Favorite Acoustic and Original Songs). His mix of classic rock and contemporary songs is unique. And he performs original compositions as well. This guy is good!

And Friday night is also when we’ll have our monthly photo awards, too! This month: “West Side Story”.

Hidden hangout at FOCUS

Tucked away between the FOCUS Art Gallery and FAIR, this small gem is easy to overlook, but if you want to hide away and IM (or just monitor local chat) — listen to music or just lurk — this is a great place to do it. Not many folks use it either, so if you enjoy privacy but still like to be on the FOCUS Quad, this is just the ticket. (Warning: The donuts are pixilated and so is the coffee so bring your RL ones!)

Did you know you can get FOCUS Magazine back issues on the Marketplace?

Did you know that you can read back issues of FOCUS in-world by purchasing them on Marketplace? If you would like to read a past issue, you can read it here online or receive it in world with links. We have the back issues at the Main Gallery but you can also get it by clicking here and visiting our Marketplace page!

Happy reading!

New: An Advent Calendar!

If you’ve never used an Advent Calendar, just think: “a different free gift every day”. Come over on a given day, say the 7th, click on the number 7 on the Advent Calendar and you get a free (non-transferable) freebie. Not bad, huh? You can only click on the number of today’s date, though. Try to click on tomorrow’s date and a Huge Scary Clown comes down and devours you (that last part’s not true, but don’t tell anyone that!) So come on by the FOCUS Quadrangle, amble on over to the FOCUS Art Gallery, and give it a try.

(What is today’s freebie? I’d tell you but that Huge Scary Clown might really exist and come down and eat me. Better safe than sorry!)