It’s Photo Contest Deadline Day — Kinda

Angela Thespian has reminded us that today is the deadline for submitting photos for the monthly FOCUS Photo Contest. Topic: “Moods and Emotions”.

Fortunately, she has agreed that “late entries will be accepted if not too late”. No idea what that means! But we now have a red mailbox for y’all to submit your work (see photo below), just swing on by FOCUS Quadrangle and get your best efforts in now. (Remember to make your entry full permission!)

Check out our Flickr pages, too!

As some know (and others do not) FOCUS has a ‘sister page’ where you can upload your photographs and artwork on . To get to “FOCUS Magazine (Too Sexy for this Group)” just click on Though Flickr is independent of Second Life and of FOCUS, there’s a ton of images from “our world” up there.

Even if you hate sharing, it’s fun to see what other folks have uploaded. Kinda like perving profiles. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s the main (“splash”) page.
and here’s where it gets interesting — the uploads page!

If you decide you’d like to get on the Flickr site, contact anyone here in FOCUS who has been on the site — or check out the images and if you see a friend’s work up there, just IM them in world. Most folks are happy to show ‘new to Flickr’ folks how to get rolling.

Of course if you want, there’s always YouTube videos, too. It is NOT rocket science!

Kent Nowicka Class’s Photos

After Kent’s recent composition classes, he asked students to submit two photos each using concepts he’d taught. He also asked everyone meet to view each others’ work — on Saturday, November 20th. It worked! Great turnout. And the photos are still up and viewable.

These works are on the second floor of the FOCUS Learning Center — for a short time. Just walk up the stairs, plop in an easy chair — and take it all in!

iPiccy: A Magical Mystery Tour

iPiccy, is an amazingly comprehensive graphics processing package — and it’s free!

Mel’s class this Saturday — NOON SLT at the new FOCUS Learning Center — will take you through this package, tool by tool. We will explore many that you can use today: cropping, resizing to fit SL’s upload limit, adjusting colors, balancing contrast, and alternating explosure. These are just a few of what Mel will demonstrate however. Methodically!

Mel is a natural teacher and she won’t be “skipping steps”. She’s systematic. No one will be left behind, confused. And no buzzwords, either. This class won’t be just “information”. It’s going to be an adventure in twisting and manipulating your images into things you only imagined, some delightful, others horrific, and others just bizarre.

Join the party . No reservation required.

Note: The previously announced time was in error. The correct time for this class is NOON SLT!

The November 2021 ISSUE of FOCUS Magazine is here

Hi Everyone,

This issue is a very special issue! We feature exZo McDonnell and his incredible, edgy artwork, and we welcome back musician Liam Wakeman from his two-year hiatus!

Please enjoy!

Also featured are the winners of the FOCUS Photo Contest, and the winners of the FOCUS Photography Fair challenges! If you missed them, you get to see them here!

Angela Thespian โ™ฅ

More Classes at the brand new FOCUS Learning Center!

Kent Nowicka (of Kent Photography) will be giving two limited enrollment classes over the next few days. Topic: “Simple Composition Techniques for Awesome Photos”. This will be intensive! The Sunday class has ‘filled’ but Kent has agreed to give another session Saturday, November 13th at 10 am SLT.

Participants will receive a free book of materials, coaching, and feedback, and a list of photo sites — and students should bring examples of their own photos to share with the class. All levels are welcome. This class will be conducted in voice!

For those interested in Kent’s work:

To join Kent’s classes, just IM him. Easy peasy! No charge, by the way…