Welcome to the August issue of FOCUS Magazine! We have lots of happiness with zero social distancing at FOCUS this month!

We have two very talented featured artists this issue. First is Alsatian Kidd, a long time group member and owner of Green Acres scenic sim. He shares with us a few tricks of his artistic trade and a bit about the “Old Dog” himself. Also, we have Jamee Sandalwood-Thomson, — newly wed to our “Rant” writer, Matt (who, incidentally, is still honeymooning so he took the month off!). Jamee has her hands full with events this time of year, so we are proud to shine the bright FOCUS light on someone who does so much good for our community! Next, Patrick debuts a new article this month called “Ireland of Dreams.” He plans to choose a photo once per month, and give it a critical analysis. I totally volunteered him for this and I’m finally putting his doctorate to good use for us!

Lastly, we have a slew of very cool events coming up. We have Basilique on the 15th, White Mask on the 16th, our next photo contest AND [drumroll] Cesar and I have birthdays coming up! Every year for the past 4 years, I have asked friends to share with me a picture of something simple that they see on an average day that makes them happy. Every year we get more and more pics, and I set up a “happiness walk” to showcase everyone’s pics on easels. And BELIEVE me, it’s overwhelming to see all of the things that make our friends happy. And this year, we are adding Cesar to the party! His b-day is right around September 1st too!So, if you would like to participate, please send your happy pics to Angelathespian (me). And if your b-day is anywhere near 9/1… PLEASE let me know so we can celebrate YOU TOO! See you in September!

Psst…. if you wnat to read the Magazine with out logging in to SL…click the Magazine